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12 Days

From 2550 USD onwards

Accommodation  - 3-5 Star Hotels & Resorts (To be Customised upon your preferences)

Meal Plan.               - Half Board

Vehicle                     - A Private Car or a Van with an experienced tour driver

Excursions             - Entry fees for all site visits as listed below in the activities.

Day 1



Negombo is a vibrant city that is just about 20 mins away from the airport, thus it has become the first or the last stop for many travellers to the island. The city has welcoming tropical charm and provides much needed recuperation after a long-haul flight.

Negombo is also famous for its night life and restaurants. Its a practice that most tourists end up in a beach front bar to enjoy a drink while feeling the salty sea breeze that goes across.


  • We Welcome you at Bandaranayake International Airport.

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh

  • Experience the vibe of Negombo City including a visit to Hamilton Canal and Fish Market.

  • Enjoy and Relax at beautiful Negombo beach with a Sri Lankan beer provided by us.

Day 2


Anuradhapura .jpeg

Behold, the ancient city of Anuradhapura, a jewel in the crown of Sri Lanka's storied past. This mystical metropolis, once the capital of a kingdom that spanned the ages from 437 BC to 1017 AD, stands as a testament to the flourishing Sinhalese civilization that was nourished by the teachings of the Buddha. The city's sacred treasures, a blend of architectural marvels and archaeological wonders, have earned it the honor of being designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, drawing seekers of knowledge from far and wide. The kingdom's roots were firmly planted in the land, with agriculture serving as the backbone of its economy. The rulers' crowning achievement was the creation of an elaborate system of irrigation works, and remnants of this grand feat can be seen in the form of man-made lakes, pools, and canals that dot the landscape. Amidst the ruins of ancient castles, dagabas, and temples, visitors can witness the legacy of a civilization that once thrived in harmony with nature, and bask in the glory of a bygone era.


  • Visit Ancient Anuradhapura City.

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh with a Sri Lankan Beer after a long haul.

  • Enjoy a peaceful & calm night at Anuradhapura.

Day 3



In the verdant isle of Sri Lanka, amidst the lush foliage, stands an awe-inspiring wonder - Sigiriya. This citadel, crafted in the 5th century, bears witness to the tumultuous reign of King Kassapa, who, in his quest for power, slew his own father. Concealed within its walls, Sigiriya harbors enigmas waiting to be unraveled. To unearth its secrets, one must ascend its steep staircases etched into the sheer cliffs, leading to the summit. Here, one can behold the famed Sigiriya rock paintings, a testament to the artistry of a bygone era. The fortress stands tall as a marvel of ancient engineering, revered as the 8th wonder of the world in this realm. We implore our visitors to delve into the troves of history that enshroud Sigiriya, for it is only then that one can truly appreciate the richness of its archaeology and heritage.


  • Visit and climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

  • Enjoy the breathtaking views and find the ancient secrets of Sinhalese civilisation.

  • Experience the traditional Sri Lankan way of living through Sigiriya Village tour.

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and relax yourself with a Sri Lankan Beer after a long haul

Day 4


Kandy, situated amidst the breathtaking verdant mountains of Sri Lanka's hill country, is the country's second-largest city. It is also noteworthy for being the final kingdom of the Sinhalese, who fought valiantly against numerous Portuguese and Dutch invasions before succumbing to British colonial rule in 1815.

Kandy, as the final independent kingdom of Sri Lanka, is an undeniable hub of cultural and historical significance. The city's most exceptional feature is the Temple of the Tooth Relic or Dalada Maligawa, which houses the nation's most venerated religious artifact, Buddha's tooth. This relic draws millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world annually. Additionally, the temple hosts the Esala Perahera, a vibrant and sacred performing arts tradition that occurs annually in August.

Many tourist enjoy walking or taking a boat ride around famous Kandy lake which was built in 1807 by king Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. The city also has enough boutique hotels and shops for anyone to experience the true Sri Lankan culture.


  • Visit a Sri Lankan Spice Garden on your way to Kandy from Sigiriya

  • Visit the most sacred temple for Buddhists in Sri Lanka the Temple of Tooth Relic (Dalada Maligawa)

  • Visit and experience a museum tour at the temple of tooth relic and find the rich history of buddhism around the world.

  • Enjoy a peaceful walk around Kandy city and do some handcraft shopping.

  • Visit picturesque Peradeniya botanical garden

  • Check in to your accomodation (3-5 Star Hotel) at Kandy and refresh with a Sri Lankan beer.

Day 5

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is called often as the “little England” of Sri Lanka though the city has taken some modification from that during the recent past but yet serve the old ambience that people marvelled about.
Nuwara Eliya is also the highest town in Sri Lanka dominated by the dense forest of piduruthalagala or mount Pedro, which is the island tallest peak at 8281 feet above sea level. So don’t expect the tropical weather when you visit Nuwara Eliya unless its around April.

During most part of the year it has chilled climate with freezing breeze that goes around the misty mountains but surprisingly with enough light, so you can enjoy the breathtaking views around.
The city is well famous for its tea plantations. Undoubtedly, the best Ceylon tea is made here or around about plantations.


  • Enjoy some breathtaking views of Sri Lankan tea plantations and mountains on your way to Nuwara Eliya

  • Visit a tea plantation and experience the tea culture of Sri Lanka.

  • Enjoy a serene walk in the beautiful city of Nuwara Eliya which is also called as the "Little England"

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh yourself with a cup of world famous Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Tea.

Day 6&7


Ella is a quaint village boasting awe-inspiring views. On clear nights, the subtle glow of the Great Basses Lighthouse on Sri Lanka's southern coast can be seen. Amidst a busy travel schedule, Ella offers a respite to relax and take a deep breath while enjoying the tranquil scenery.

The village provides some of the best guesthouses, serving homemade food, ensuring guests are well taken care of. Despite being a place to unwind, it's important not to become too relaxed. Taking some time to explore the tea plantations, temples, waterfalls, and viewpoints through leisurely walks and hikes is highly recommended.


     Day 6

  • Enjoy the famous scenic train journey from Nanu Oya to Ella.

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh with a Sri Lankan Beer after a long haul.

  • Visit Nine Arches Bridge and enjoy the sunset.

  • Relax your muscles with the tranquil environment at your Hotel.


      Day 7

  • Start your day with an energizing fruit platter.

  • Take a hike at Little Adam's Peak and enjoy the breathtaking views.

  • Visit Rawana Waterfall and capture the moment with some great photos.

  • Take a day to yourself to relax and recharge at the hotel with nature.


Day 8


In the verdant heart of Sri Lanka lies the wondrous Yala National Park, a kaleidoscope of dry forests, sun-kissed grasslands, and shimmering wetlands. Known as the "Ruhunu National Park," it is the crown jewel of Sri Lanka's natural treasures, welcoming scores of visitors and holding the title for the second largest national park in the land. With a bounty of lush habitats, ranging from the moist monsoon forests to the thorny thickets, Yala is a sanctuary to a myriad of creatures, including the majestic elephants, the sprightly monkeys, the ferocious crocodiles, and even the elusive leopards. The western block of Yala, known as "block one," boasts of having the highest concentration of leopards in the world, a testament to the park's magical charisma that beckons you to unravel its secrets.


  • This is the day of your trip to experience the wild life of Sri Lanka with a Safari at Yala National Park

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh with a Sri Lankan Beer after a long haul.

  • Enjoy and experience the ambience of the night with a outdoor BBQ (Available in selected Hotels Only)

Day 9

Mirissa & Galle


Mirissa is the centre for Sri Lanka’s burgeoning whale watching. At Mirissa you can find modest guesthouses and cafes along the sandy beaches that seem to come and go with tides. There is a small peninsula of sand which leads you to a tiny island where you can walk to at low tide.


Amidst the verdant isles of Sri Lanka, lies a treasure trove of colonial grandeur - Galle. The town's streets adorned with Dutch colonial structures, stand as a testament to its rich history. The pièce de résistance of Galle, the Dutch Fortress, was first raised by the Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch with towering walls and bastions, shielding them from the ravages of time and foreign invaders. Today, the fortress remains a beacon of beauty, drawing in travelers from far and wide to bask in its enchanting aura. The town's bustling lanes and alleys are dotted with cozy cafes, cheerful pubs, and delectable restaurants. Here, one can savor the ocean breeze and lose oneself in the tranquil rhythm of the Indian Ocean.


  • Visit the small peninsula of Coconut tree hills at Mirissa

  • Visit and explore the rich history of Galle dutch fort

  • Walk around the historic Galle city and find some cafes and pubs.

  • Check in to your accommodation at (3-5 star hotel) ar Galle.

Day 10



Nestled between the vibrant cities of Colombo and Galle lies the alluring coastal town of Bentota. This enchanting haven beckons to travelers far and wide with its pristine beaches and an array of water sports that will delight and enthrall. As your journey winds down, let the tropical sun warm your soul and the gentle waves soothe your spirit, offering the perfect respite to rest, relax, and savor the tropical beach experience.


  • Visit Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, Kids would love that!

  • Experience a Boat Safari at Madu River.

  • Vist and enjoy the Sri Lankan traditional Craftsmanship at Ambalangoda Mask Museum.

  • Check in to your Hotel and Enjoy a Sri Lankan Beer.

Day 11



Colombo is the Sri Lanka’s financial capital making it the home to about 3 million people and most of the Island’s industrial and commercial activities. Despite its been excluded in many tour itineraries there is plenty of low key sights to be experienced by any traveler who visit Sri Lanka.

Being situated just 40 mins away from the airport makes it a worthy last stop to any traveler who visit Sri Lanka. One of the better ways to explore the city is to have a “Tuk Tuk” drive where you will be guided by a driver who knows all the routes in the city to guide you to the places where you want to go.


  • Experience Tuk Tuk ride at Colombo and enjoy some shopping at Pettah Market

  • Check in to Your Hotel (3-5 Star Hotel) and refresh with a Sri Lankan Beer after a long haul.

  • Enjoy a relaxing night at your Hotel. If you wish to there is lot of clubs and pubs around.

Day 12



  • Enjoy your Breakfast at the Hotel.

  • Enjoy, Relax and Rest till your departure time comes

  • We will drop you at Bandaranayake International AirPort and Say "Good Bye" to You.

This is the end of your Memorable trip at this wonderful island of Sri Lanka. Hope by now you have tons of memories collected.

We are hoping to see you again!

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