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We are thrilled that you are interested in traveling with Satchit Voyage Tours! Our team is committed to providing you with an unforgettable journey that is both safe and comfortable. To help you prepare, we have put together some fantastic tips and guidelines. Before booking your trip, please take a moment to review our terms and conditions. We can't wait to provide with exceptional care and service!

General Terms & Conditions and Travel Advice

Responsible Travel

Traveling with Satchit Voyage Tours entails a vital aspect of honouring local cultures and customs to enhance the quality of interactions with indigenous/local communities and surroundings. Since our itinerary includes visits to various temples, it is essential for all family members to be attired in garments that cover from the wrist to below the knee to comply with the dress code at these sites. Additionally, carrying a lightweight scarf is advisable for modestly covering shoulders and arms in warm weather conditions.


All travellers must be in good physical condition to actively participate in this journey. To prioritise the safety and health of both yourself and fellow travellers, we kindly request that if you are feeling unwell before your trip, remain at home and contact us to arrange alternative options. Before selecting your trip, it is crucial to thoroughly review the itinerary to gauge your readiness to engage in and appreciate our travel style. Please be aware that if, in the evaluation of our group leader or local representative, a traveler is deemed unable to complete the itinerary without jeopardising themselves and/or the group, we maintain the right to exclude them from all or part of the trip without a refund. We strongly advise consulting your physician for current medical travel guidance and any required vaccinations before departure. It is recommended that you carry a first aid kit and any necessary personal medical supplies in their original packaging, as they may not be readily accessible during travel. If you are carrying medication, please ensure compliance with your government's foreign travel advisories regarding any local restrictions or requirements.


The weather conditions in Sri Lanka are subject to variability based on both the time of year and the specific region within the country. The northeast experiences its monsoon season from December to March, while the southwest encounters monsoons from May to October. It is essential to remain prepared for potential flooding and landslides during these periods, which may lead to travel disruptions or alternative routes to avoid affected areas. Moreover, the summer months in Sri Lanka are characterised by intense heat and brief, intense monsoons in the southwest region. Visitors during this time should prioritise sun protection measures and stay adequately hydrated to mitigate the effects of the high temperatures.


We offer passenger insurance while you are onboard our vehicles. However,It is highly advised that all travellers possess a comprehensive travel insurance policy encompassing health coverage, personal liability, trip cancellation, curtailment, and protection against loss of luggage or personal belongings. Kindly furnish us with documentation of your travel insurance and the 24-hour emergency contact number of the insurance provider prior to embarking on the journey.


Numerous national governments offer up-to-date safety guidance related to international travel. It is advisable to consult your government's latest travel recommendations before embarking on your journey and verify that your travel insurance comprehensively covers all destinations included in your itinerary. While traveling, it is highly advisable to utilise a neck wallet or money belt to safeguard essential items such as your passport, airline tickets, cash, and other valuables. It is recommended to refrain from bringing valuable jewellery on your travels as it may not be necessary.

Moreover, many of the hotels we partner with offer safety deposit boxes, providing the most secure means of storing valuables. Securing your luggage with a lock is also strongly advised. Additionally, it is essential to ensure that children do not carry their passports during the tour for their safety.

Kindly be advised that any activities you choose to engage in beyond your scheduled itinerary are not included in the official program. We not guarantee the safety of such activities or the quality of the operators overseeing them. It is imperative that you exercise your own discretion when selecting activities during your leisure time. Additionally, please be aware that Satchit Voyage Tours (Pvt) Ltd retains the authority to modify or cancel any segment of the itinerary if safety considerations dictate such action.

Fire Safety: It is important to note that regulations regarding fire safety in tourism establishments in this region may differ from those in your home country. Some accommodations we utilise might lack fire exits, fire extinguishers, or smoke alarms.

Traffic and driving on opposite sides of the road: Be mindful that drivers in this area may operate vehicles on the opposite side of the road compared to your customary practice. Exercise caution and vigilance by looking both ways before crossing any road. Traffic conditions might be more chaotic than what you are accustomed to. Stay alert.

Seat belt usage: Please be informed that regulations concerning transportation safety

may vary from those in your home country. Certain modes of transportation we utilise may not offer seat belts. When traveling in private minivans or trucks, it is mandatory for all passengers, including children, to wear seat belts. Children are not permitted to occupy the front seat of any vehicle.

Personal safety and theft prevention:

While traveling, there is a risk of pickpocketing and petty theft, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. We recommend exercising caution, especially when walking alone at night. It is advisable to walk with companions and stick to well-lit main roads. Remain vigilant, especially on public transportation. Practicing simple measures like carrying your bag in front, refraining from placing it on the back of your chair or on the ground, and using a money belt can help prevent theft.

Life Jackets: Although life jackets are typically available on watercraft, there may be instances where they are unavailable, and child-sized life jackets might not be easily accessible. If you have concerns about safety, especially when traveling with children, alternative transportation methods may be suggested for your journey to the next destination, at an additional cost.

Water safety: Exercise caution when participating in water activities in oceans, rivers, or open water with children, as waves and currents can be unpredictable. It is essential that all participants are competent swimmers with experience in open water. Seek local advice before entering the water to ensure a safe experience.


Please be advised that we do not assume liability for any damages that may arise during your participation in the excursions or any other activities/Services outlined in your itinerary.While we diligently strive to mitigate risks by engaging accredited service providers, the decision to partake in these excursions, activities or services remains at your discretion. Kindly refrain from engaging in any activity for which you feel inadequately prepared, and ensure that children, minors, and individuals with disabilities are under your supervision at all times. Additionally, we strongly advise against engaging in any activities or services that are not included in the provided tour itinerary and we do not accept liability for any damages or injuries incurred to you or caused by you to a third party or any of our

service providers.


A valid passport is essential for international travel, with many countries mandating a minimum validity of 6 months. It is crucial to verify the expiration date of your passport. To facilitate trip preparations, accurate passport information matching your booking details precisely is required. It is advisable to carry your passport while traveling and leave another copy with trusted family or friends.


Obtaining the necessary visas for your journey and any transit countries is your responsibility, as many nations mandate visas. We recommend checking visa requirements promptly after booking to allow ample time for document preparation and processing. Your government's foreign travel advisories and consular websites provide information on entry requirements for your nationality.

Cancellations by you or us due to Force Majeure

In addition to the aforementioned cancellation rights, you and Satchit Voyage Tours (Pvt) Ltd retain the option to cancel your confirmed holiday in the event of a Force Majeure, transpiring at your holiday destination or its immediate vicinity, significantly impacting the holiday's execution or transport arrangements to the destination. Under such circumstances, you are entitled to obtaining a refund minus any irrecoverable expenses. Should the cancellation due to a Force Majeure Event occur after the commencement of your trip, you can select from a pro-rata: a refund minus unrecoverable costs for the remaining trip days. A “Force Majeure Event” encompasses various occurrences such as, but not limited to: acts of God; war; civil unrest; riot; blockade or embargo; fire; explosion; mechanical breakdown; labor disputes; earthquake; epidemic, pandemic, or other health emergencies; flood; severe weather conditions; disruptions in supply chains; implementation of laws, orders, regulations, or requirements by government authorities; or any other act beyond the reasonable control of the parties, posing risks or rendering a trip impracticable. In the event of a cancellation, neither party can claim damages against the other, and we disclaim responsibility for any incidental expenses resulting from your booking, ncluding, but not limited to, visa fees, vaccinations, travel insurance excess, or non-refundable flight costs.

What information we take

When you engage with us by making an inquiry or booking a trip, we will require specific information from you. Depending on the nature of your interaction and the services utilised, we typically gather the following personal details: Full name, date of birth, gender (male/female/other), title, mailing address, phone number, email address, emergency contact information, dietary preferences, height and weight, travel insurance particulars, passport information (including nationality and birth city), passport scan, visa application, and visa page scan. Additionally, we may request medical or health-related details, such as existing medical conditions, vaccination history, disability status, refrigerated medication needs, food allergies, among other sensitive information categorised under pertinent data protection regulations.

Photographs and Videos

Taking photographs or videos is a popular pastime for many, serving as a means to immortalise cherished moments. Consequently, you may find yourself featured in visual content captured during your journey. At times, the quality of visual media obtained by our staff is exceptional, prompting our Studio team to consider utilising them for promotional purposes in brochures or on our website. Moreover, there may be instances where a professional photographer is designated to capture promotional images during your trip. Should such circumstances arise, a consent and waiver form will be presented to you. It is entirely voluntary to sign this form, and your privacy and preferences regarding any personal information gathered through visual media will be duly respected.

Data use and Protection

We do not and will not sell your personal information under any circumstances.Your data is utilised solely for internal office purposes to facilitate requested services and for marketing endeavours. Any personal information employed for marketing activities is strictly done with your explicit consent.

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